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Click on a link to select an icon. If icon image name is not specified, the default icon will be used. Dimension: 40X40px


Create up to 20 optional fields in each category according to the category subject. Optional Fields are the same for each subcategory in a given category.


To delete Category or Subcategory all ads posted under must be removed first.

Options - Category optional fields.
Glb. - Global option will replicate currently assigned field name,  options set and search flag to ALL categories for this filed.
Caution: Gbl is irreversible! Although you can turn "Global Option" off, the current set will remain the same for each category until you change it manually if you wish to do so later on.
Opt. Set - Options set. Effectively converts plain text input of the selected field into the preset drop-down selector. New options can be created at "Options Builder" page.
Tip: When selected an option press an "eye" button to preview selected options set. Preview displays input for the selected option field the way it will look at the ad post page. 
S/L. - Search and/or List Flags. S - Includes option into Advanced Search, L - Includes option for display at list pages. SL - Includes both, = - Includes none.
Sopt - If unchecked, the option will not be rendered for current subcategory while ad is posted. Note: Because Sopt  is related to current subcategory, for changes to take an effect you must click "Modify" button under subcategory settings.
^^ If meta description and  keywords not set for subcategories, then default to category rather than to global site meta description and keywords. Note: The Meta properties for each category must be set in such a case. See "Admin Help" for more info.