Rapid Classified 3.2c (ADMIN DEMO)
Classified Board Configuration and Preferences
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Collect Fees for ad posting   - Credits Payment Mode
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Outgoing SMTP server: Maximum Chr. within Ad's body:
SMTP Logon ID: Number of Ads listed per Page:
SMTP Logon Password: Allow user to post no more than: ads
Email Method: List Categories Alphabetically:
Design Style:   Preview Show Large Images in Ad Body:
Enable Secure Logon: Position Categories by: col.(s)
Enable CAPTCHA: Email Alerts Limit:
Enable Events Log: Events Configuration Detect multiple accounts:
Limit Image Upload to: Allow Ad Reply to members only:
Max. Image Width (px): Allow Ad View to members only:
Max. Image Height (px): Enable Ads Caching (Manage):
Resizing and CAPTCHA: (Method) Allow clients to Select Ad Style:
Image Upload: (Method) Allow posting with WYSIWYG:
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