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Include Priority Changes Page to Include Description
*cached ads Cached ads pages located in [ads] folder
*viewad.asp Full view page for all active ads
*view_print.asp Print friendly view for all active ads
*default.asp Main page (single page)
browse.asp Categories list (single page)
viewscat.asp Subcategories list (for each category)
viewlist.asp Ads list per subcategory (all pages - only if ads found)
viewsublist.asp Ads list per 3rd level category (all pages - only if ads found)
hotlist.asp What's Hot page (all pages - only if ads found)
advertise.asp Site advertisement page (single page)
viewuserlist.asp User personal pages (for every user who has ads posted)
  Enter any number of custom pages. One URL per line for given custom page.
** Format: Full_URL_Link|page priority|changefreq.
[Full_URL_Link] - Must be a full URL to the page started with [http://]
[priority] - Page priority compare to other pages on your site. Value range: 0.0 - 1.0
[changefreq] - Frequency the page is likely to change. Values: always, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, never
  SiteMaps Location:
  Use keywords in URLs ***
  Split SiteMaps file Split after URLs ****
* Priority Classified content pages for SiteMaps submission. At list one of those pages should be selected.
** Important! - If you used an improper format for custom pages or used [priority] or [changefreq]  values which are different from the standard, the entire feed would be invalidated by Google! In addition, special characters or any non alpha-numeric (English) characters would be UTF-8 encoded. See an article at Google website
*** By default, keywords in URLs would obey the [isURL_KeyWords] setting in config/rewrite_config.asp file. Check (or uncheck) this box to override the default setting.
**** In case of an excessive number of URLs in sitemaps, the XML file could be split into multiple files. If this box is checked and the number of URLs exceed specified value (Split after), then multiple files would be created - sitemap1.xml, sitemap2.xml ... etc. In addition, a sitemap index file (sitemaps.xml) would also be created. For multiple sitemaps files, you would have to submit [sitemaps.xml] index file to Google or other SE. [sitemaps.xml] index file contains the list of links to actual sitemap1.xml, sitemap2.xml .. etc files.
Important: Links to sitemap files inside of index sitemap file point to the root of the classified.
Example for the case when classified installed at the domain root:, ... etc
Example for the case when classified installed in some folder:, ... etc

Note: Date attribute only set to:
cached ads - Date the cache page is created.
viewad.asp, view_print.asp - Date the ad was submitted/modified.
For the complete attributes reference and general Google SiteMaps information see: Google website