Rapid Classified 3.2c (ADMIN DEMO)

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1 Values cannot contain a single quote (')
2 Creates a "bail out value". One blank value can be created per options set. However you still need to specify a value name for it. Example Set: married|divorced|single|widowed|No answer. If the last value is set to be blank and if selected by a user, the field will remain blank and will not be displayed at view ad page.
3 Specify whether option set can be overridden by user with a custom value. "Custom Prompt" directs user to enter custom value. Can be set as "Other:" or similar. Check box (automatically inserted) must be selected by a user to enter a custom value in the text field.
4 Radio Button does not work with "Custom Override" or "Hidden" options. On Search pages Radio button would be converted into regular drop-down box.
5 At search page builds a list from available ads data for the optional field to which the options set is bound.
6 "Use Range Boundaries" controls a "Range" type, when it is made "Pull Live". Instead of using "live" ads data, it does find min/max values from ads and builds the list within those boundaries.
7 Sets Multiple choice forms. Combined length of all options in a set cannot exceed 180-200 characters (depending on number of options in a set). Cannot be combined with any other types of options. Cannot contain a comma character - [,]
8 Converts a regular drop-down box into the list box with corresponding size. 1 - drop-down box, 2-10 - list box with respective number of lines.

Create New Option Set
New Option Name:  
First Value:   Or -create by entering a text 3 >>
1 Range:
2 Hidden:
1 Creates a regular options set but if made searchable this set would appear as 2 option boxes on Advanced Search allowing to create a searchable range.
NOTE: All option values for a Range options set must be a number.
2 Make Option set hidden from ad view pages (will appear during ad post and Advanced Search if selected).
3 Create Multiple values at once. One option value per line.