Rapid Classified 3.2c (ADMIN DEMO)
RSS Feeds Management
Create New RSS Feed Entry in Database
RSS Feed Name:  Use single descriptive word in English (underscore allowed).
Valid RSS Feed: 
Cache Every:  Minutes
Number of Items to display: 
Show Default Title: 
Custom Feed Title: 
Show Default Feed Logo:  Display in a standard RC Box: 
Show Items Bullets:  Title Font Size: 
Show Items Publish Date:  Items Subject Font Size: 
Show Items Description:  Items Description Font Size: 
Bullets Image:  Valid image. Must be located in "img" folder at RC location.
Open New Window for Item Links: 
Use Dotted Items Separator: 
Show Items Enclosure:  Choose to display images (if available within items)
Restrict Image Size to:    Custom: Always Restrict when Feed pulled in portal bars
Image Position: 
Include in Menu: 
Display Category: