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 Chapter - 4.0 Translation/Text Modification
All Static text within Classified Board pages can be translated by modifying 6 pages within "language" folder.

"language" folder content:

Lingual Page: Included in/purpose:
language.asp All Classified Pages. Main lingual source file
advertise_language.asp advertise.asp, sendbanner.asp, rotstat.asp, moveout.asp
contact_language.asp reply.asp, sendreply.asp
extended_language.asp Most of the long messages with HTML tags
paymode_language.asp Pay mode only. Payment return pages
replies_language.asp replies.asp
search_language.asp Additional lingual variables for advanced search page.
forum_language.asp Additional lingual variables for the forum

Each page contains variables which can be modified/translated according to your preferences/language. The corresponding to your language "character set meta tag" must be set in "language.asp" page (not in header.asp). Default is US Windows -1252

You may use any characters during translation except double-quotes ["]. If you must use a double-quote, substitute it with ["] instead. Also the use of single-quote ['] is not recommended unless the variable is already contain this character. The other 2 characters which are not recommended: [<], [>]. Use [&lt;] and [&gt;] instead.

Note: Some of the variables (in extended_language.asp) contain HTML tags (div, br, b, etc...). While translating the text between HTML tags, make sure to preserve them.

Tips for random text modification:

If you do not intend to translate your board but wish to modify some of the static text, messages or other information on the pages, you might feel confused as to where to look for the text to modify. 90% of the static text is concentrated in language.asp. There are however some specific pages for which a separate lingual file was created (see the table above). To look for a specific text, first open language.asp in an editor (notepad.exe is fine). Hit Ctrl+f, copy the text to modify from a browser window into the search box and do the search. Most of the text in language.asp and other lingual pages is assigned to Constants. For instance: Const strText_Favorites = "Favorites". The strText_Favorites is used to render word "Favorites". In a header.asp for instance this word is rendered as <%= strText_Favorites %>. So to change this word, modify the part between double quotes: Const strText_Favorites = "My Favorites". Once found a desired text, modify it and save language.asp page. Refresh the page and watch for changes to take an effect. If you received an error after modifications, that means you broke the proper constant assignment syntax. Make sure your new text is enclosed in double quotes and you did not include ANY double quotes within the word/text itself. If you did not find a desired text in language.asp try to search for the text in other lingual pages (see the table above).

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