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Rapid Classified FAQ
I. Setup
  • How easy it is to install Rapid Classified?
  • How do I upgrade Rapid Classified?
  • What are the Web Server requirements for Rapid Classified Installation
  • What are Rapid Classified management requiements?
  • Can I run Rapid Classified On a Linux Apache Web Server which supports ASP?
  • Where can I find a Host which, is 100% compatible with Rapid Classified?
  • I cannot run Setup on my home server. The page stays blank or Error 500 displayed.
  • While running !setup.asp I received message [Write to db/banners/cl_upload Folders] FAILED.
  • First Thing to do after the Setup is complete!
  • The most Important Setting within Admin Preferences!
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    It is a "Site URL". The Fully Qualified URL path (started with http://) to the classified board location must be manually entered to this field and ended with a slash (/). This setting is used in a variety of aspects of Rapid Classified board. The failure to provide a correct URL will bare in an incorrect URL links sent to your clients within Email notifications. The individual ads Print Friendly page will not be displayed properly, Ads caching will not work at all, the bullet images for ticker would display a red cross and be unavailable.
    Finally, if you use your board in Pay Mode, the payment processor will not function because the merchant server will not find your site and will not post credit purchased by your clients. To easy identify the incorrect Site URL setting, glance at the scrolling ads ticker (at list one ad has to be posted). If you see a red cross in place of the bullet - the Site URL in Admin preferences is incorrect. Go to Admin Preferences, correct the URL, Save the settings.

    Important: After you changed Site URL and saved settings, click "Reset Server Cache" button at the bottom of Admin preferences page, navigate to the default (main) page and look at the ads ticker bullets. If bullets still display a red cross, then the Site URL you specify is still incorrect. Make sure to correct it at the Admin Preferences page.
  • Where can I find additional plug-ins and modules for Rapid Classified?
  • Can the classified be easily translated into other languages? Where do I change a text on pages?
  • Where do I change a Watermark appearing over the images after upload?
II. First Run
  • I CANNOT logon to Admin Page. What is wrong?
  • I CAN logon to Admin Page or as a User but being logged out after browsing just a few pages.
  • While posting ads by clicking [Submit..], users logged out immediately and the ad is not posted.
  • I enabled a Full Mode and both side bars display Error 500 - Page cannot be displayed.
  • I got Error: Page: config/config.asp, Error Number: -2147467259, Error Description: Unspecified error
  • Email notification is not functioning.
  • I Cannot Upload Images at All
  • I Cannot Upload Images over 200 kb
  • I'm getting [Microsoft VBScript runtime error - Permission Denied] error when run certain pages.
III. Classified Board Operations
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